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Becoming a Vendor With The Black Superstore
Currently Accepting Hair, Skincare, Beauty, Jewellery, Homeware & Food* Vendor Partnerships

The Black Superstore is passionate about increasing exposure, raising brand awareness and contributing to the success of small black owned businesses.


In order to contribute to the growth of small black owned business we have created the opportunity for you to list your black owned business' products on The Black Superstore website, providing consumers with a wider selection of products in one marketplace.


The Black Superstore provides a unique opportunity to sell your items alongside popular mainstream items, placing your products in the same marketplace as larger brands; this increases brand awareness & provides you with the opportunity to compete with larger companies directly and more easily for consumers attention and sales. This marketplace is unique in comparison to other 3rd party selling sites that tend to focus only on smaller companies & niche products limiting your exposure or to very large marketplaces that can often swallow the presence of your small company as 'popular' search results & algorithmic favouritism push larger brands to the top.

*We are accepting partnerships from food vendors selling non-perishable or long life, pre-packaged food items.

How It Works
  1. Complete the form below to register your interest

  2. We’ll get back to you to discuss your products

  3. Once we confirm your listing your products will be live & available to purchase directly from our site

  4. List as many products as you like, we only take commission on what you actually sell - no monthly subscriptions, no upfront fees, just community enterprise building!

  5. When we get an order, we’ll notify you

  6. You’ll despatch the item to the customer & we’ll pay you!


Happy selling, happy days!

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