The Mane Essentials Beard Oil 30ml

The Mane Essentials Beard Oil 30ml



TMEs products are all natural and hand crafted
Our all natural beard oils are comprised of 5 different amazing oils.  Sweet Almond, Argan,  Jojoba,  Vit E  and Pumpkin seed oil.


LEGEND - Think of warm Arabian nights, an amazing blend of creamy Sandalwood, spicy Frankincense with top notes of citrus.
BLACK TIE - Unlocks the complexity of Bergamot, immediately captures the fresh clean scent of citrus, with an infusion of heart notes of Vetiver and Neroli.
TMEs beard oils help to stimulate the hair Follicles, whilst nourishing the skin beneath creating the perfect environment for the promotion of beard growth.
Each of our oils are infused with natural Essential oils for a healthy subtle scent.
Our all natural beard balms are comprised of the same 5 amazing oils, with the addition of natural beeswax for hold and styling, along with natural Shea butter to condition and moisturise the beard .
The beard balm also helps to work in conjunction with the oils as it locks in the moisture of the oil. 
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