Why Buy Black?

Well, the question of why support black business, for many is deep rooted and requires us to understand social & financial layers We know that supporting black businesses helps black business owners make a living, but it also helps them break through barriers & create space for more black people to excel.

Historically we know that black people have had less realistic access to opportunity , career promotions and finance (realistic is the operative word here - because some thibgs can be outside of our grasp even when theyre there to level the playing field!). These opportunities would help black people have the support, knowledge and funds to support their businesses and create companies that can survive the storm of the first year and beyond.

Supporting black businesses help them to grow & compete in markets that are often tilted outside of their favour. Championing black businesses helps them to create a presence, make cost effective products and bring new ideas to life. Supporting black business usually means supporting small local businesses that will usually hire locally, bringing money into the local economy & they’re more likely to hire black people, providing black people with much needed opportunities. Black businesses owners often also serve as great role models and provide representation for young black people when they’re looking at what they would like to pursue. Black people are also likely to create needs based businesses that serve an underserved or mis-served need of the black community. Just like the Black Superstore which was born out of the frustration of only finding overpriced Afro-Caribbean products and produce scattered online.

There are a number of ways that you can support black businesses

  1. Buy from them - financial support

  2. Give them considerate & constructive feedback & if you have a bad experience with them, be honest with them - championing

  3. Tell them what you need or want - useful market research

  4. Spread the word & recommend them - helps them build brand awareness

  5. Leave them reviews - helps build their credibility online

  6. Interact with brands on social media - helps the algorithms pick up their presence & let’s them display their brand character in responses

  7. Understand that they are a small business with small business processes and resources and not a conglomerate like Amazon with all the resources and staff you could dream of - realistic expectations avoid negative experiences

  8. Appreciate the personal business touches they add to your packaging & service; there’s real thought behind it!

So if you want to support black business, no matter you’re own background, use the 8 steps above to show your unity & we’ll see black businesses thrive.

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