Why bother with Black History Month?

For the many years that black history has been taught in the mainstream it has started with slavery (basically, the Big Bang equivalent for the birth of black people!). But Black people & Black nations have had long & interesting histories way before Europeans showed up and have since continued to have fascinating lives, cultures & histories that we just don’t hear enough of living here in the UK. This means that the same stories of slavery, suffering & servitude keep getting told (and we know the negative power of these sorts of cycles) but October, Black History Month has the whole nations ears open listening out for us to shout about black people & black cultures & this provides us with a unique opportunity to share far greater stories for our young people, our black kinfolk & our non-black neighbours.

Now we know that many of you are like us here at TBS and feel that black history is everyday consumption, but we have to recognise that Black History Month is a whole heap of publicity, free marketing & PR & as the saying goes ‘all publicity is good publicity’ meaning that we’re able to utilise this opportunity to break through those negative stories with positive one, new ones & true ones.

There’s a million events on to engage our black British children with their roots outside of the home, these events and celebrations help engage young people where they may have previously lost interest. Young people are able to see their culture & themselves celebrated by others & this is powerful.

Black history month is a nice interruption to our normal lives, we can all get too busy and engrossed in what we are doing with work, our families & everyday life that feeding our minds with harder to find history takes a backseat, but So many great creators & curators serve our colourful histories back to us over the course of this month, highlighting their brilliance & creativity & the magnificence that is black history.

Lastly, black history month gives us the time to come together & share the way many of our ancestors did. To be surrounded by brilliant black people & to pass past stories, information & our own narratives on to the next. We don’t think that’s an opportunity you should pass up.

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