The Power of a Simple Wash & Go

Hair needn’t take hours to do, wash & go routines can be used by all hair and curl types. For a long while many women in the type 4 hair group have though wash & go’s are beyond their reach but this simple styling method can be achieved by all, with the right products for your hair.

Wash & go styling works because hair is moisturised. Moisturised and hydrated hair is easier to manipulate creating healthy buoyant curls.

So what are the rules to follow when trialling a wash and go?

  1. Have a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner or co-wash (this will clean hair but not strip it of moisture)

  2. Dry hair with a cotton t-shirt or specialty towel in order to ensure you’re not pulling at or breaking hairs.

  3. Have at least 1 hydrating/moisturising product you can apply to hair when still damp

  4. Have one oil product that helps to seal in moisture of the hydration product

  5. Have a cream product or styling product that will help your hair to stay in style all day

  6. Apply products in this order being careful not to drench hair in any single product as too much product will sit on hair instead of being absorbed by it.

If you have Type 3 hairs you will want a lightweight cream or styling product that won’t pull on your curls too much, still giving you some spring.

For type 4 hairs you can use a medium-heavy styling product or cream that will help give you curl definition and reduce shrinkage throughout the day.

For straight or chemically manipulated hair, you may not need a styling product, see how you hair holds with the hydration product and oil. If you need a little extra shine you can use a sheen to give you the glossy affect.

Final thing is being comfortable in your natural hair. Many women find they don’t like the wash & go technique because they’re not yet comfortable with their natural hair type, curl pattern or hair length. Overtime that is likely to change, but it may take some getting used to. However, finding products that define your curls the way you like, reduce shrinkage and help hydrate hair will help you love those tresses even more!

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