The Black Superstore - Who Are We?

Well we’re a ‘what it says on the tin’ sorta business - a husband & wife duo here to supply you with all your African & Caribbean products online. TBS was born in 2019 when I, the wife, just found it so tiring, time consuming and inconvenient, having to go to a market for our essential cultural foods, hair & skincare products and other home essentials whilst mumming, wife'ing, working & being self-employed.

We were very used to the convenience of brands like Amazon and supermarket delivery services, but despite the internet revolution meaning we were able to order almost everything we wanted online we couldn’t find African & Caribbean products available easily & where they were available they were drastically overpriced! So we knew there was a need to be met. Then came along COVID-19 putting a stop to our daily lives and current projects and exasperating the need for affordable African & Caribbean essential products to be delivered. With our sudden free time and this business concept already ready, we set to work, researching the market, building the website and launching in the space of 16 days, we launched on April 16th 2020 and had so much support from you all.

For those of you who have followed us on social media for some time, you’ll know that all of our businesses revolve around community, innovation, opening opportunities for black people & meeting the needs of the black diaspora. Our backgrounds are in social research, youth & social work, so being able to create a for-profit company that could reinvest profits In our community work was a win-win. We decided that we would use profits from TBS to support My-Choice community projects - we’ve been working in our local community and wider London areas with young black men & women at risk of offending or with criminal records, helping them to access job opportunities, education and supporting them in their new life choices for the past 3 years & funding the organisation with our personal incomes. So the money you spend with us takes on another life and reaches beyond us.

Already, from your support we have been able to sponsor weekly meals and equipment for the MyChoice project Black Riders Association that works to increase representation of black cyclists, provide a constructive sports outlet and create a community of black people beyond cycling. We’ve also been able to pay local black people impacted by COVID-19 to deliver parcels in the London area & we’ve been able to support other black businesses by sourcing our materials, packaging & freelance work through them. In future, we hope to increase that impact by providing jobs & paid work experience for people graduating the My-Choice programme.

So this is us, big believers in the power of the collective. The power of the black diaspora. And the power to create change. Thanks for shopping with us!

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