How supporting small businesses benefits you

There's constant chatter these days about changing your consumption patterns, ethical shopping, spending your money with small businesses and how this is great for the environment, for combatting world poverty and helping to support your local entrepreneurs dreams, but you'll be surprised to know, the impacts are two fold - shopping small businesses actually benefits you too!

So how does spending your pennies with a small brand impact you?

When it’s comes to food, skin & haircare, small brands often provide you with a wonderful alternative to what’s available in your bog standard chain stores. Vibrant foods, organic produce, natural ingredients, creative packaging & personal service are all perks of shopping small.

Small businesses help to uncover the true value of your money as you can watch them grown, diversify, improve & fight the good fight by staying in business. You can get to know the people behind the brand and it’s a nice reminder that success is a step away for us all!

Here’s 3 key reasons you should shop with small businesses

  1. The money from small businesses is more likely to circulate in a community, from businesses to businesses to employees. Helping local areas & people to thrive economically.

  2. Small businesses often hire within the community, this may be the physical community for local businesses or for online stores like us, the community of shared values and interests, meaning there’s more opportunities available for you. Local workers and close knit teams are better placed to provide a distinct service to you as customers and design their customer experience with people like you in mind, so you’ll most likely have a better experience.

  3. Small businesses add character to the industry, often having great décor or quirky websites, known faces and great online customer service. They break up the sameness of your local high street or your usual online shopping experience , they add a nice flare to a housing area and positively interrupt the blandness of any industry. The passion put into small businesses by the people that run them literally shines through their aesthetics and into their service.

When you’re next on your high street or shopping at a small vendor online remember that you’re making a contribution to local economies, real people and supporting someone's passion!

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