5 crucial tips on how to look after your hair with changing weather

We know that the UK loves a moody weather regime; one moments it’s clear skies & the next it’s rain & thunder! And honestly, this can make hair management tough. Whether it’s your natural tresses, permed hair or a wig, you need to factor in environmental impacts. So here’s 5 quick tips to keep your hair nourished

  1. Use hydrating products - we keep reminding you, but manageable hair is hydrated hair. & hydrated hair uses water! Use products where the first ingredient is water/aqua and avoid products that mention oils.

  2. Use creams & oils to help you lock in water moisture to your hair. Applying these to damp hair will help keep the moisture in hair for longer and make styling easier. Whilst you secure the moisture in you’re also locking pollutants in the environment out!

  3. Wash your hair & wigs regularly - there’s a myth that type 4 hair doesn’t need to be washed regularly. Well it’s not true. Washing hair regularly keeps the scalp healthy & a healthy scalp leads to better hair growth. You’re also washing away the buildup of oil, dirt and pollutants attached to hair and allowing water to get into hair follicles.

  4. Use sulfate & mineral oil free products to wash natural hair as those ingredients often dry hair out and add to the development of a coarse or brittle texture in hair.

  5. Look after you hair when you’re sleeping! You rest your head on your pillow or sheets for 7 hours a night on average, that’s 7 hours of moisture stealing those sheets may be doing so cover your hair with a satin bonnet or head wrap or rest it on a satin covered pillow. Satin doesn’t absorb moisture like cotton does so your hair isn’t left feeling dry or experiencing a lot of friction throughout the night. You’ll find this helps with frizz, split ends, dryness & coarseness.

Remember, looking after your tresses doesn’t have to be hard a simple wash day and nighttime routine will do most of the work for you! https://www.theblacksuperstore.co.uk/shop

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