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The Black Voice Project

Here to accurately represent the experiences of Black People.

We are living through a period of profound change and we believe our voices should be heard. The Black Voices Project, organised by TBS and My-Choice is a call for Black people to contribute to the narrative of their own history by writing it!

Black people and nations have often found that their history and experiences have been whitewashed, altered or wiped out completely due to the overpowering voices of white and non-black history tellers, media, publishing companies and research organisations. We have created this project to accurately capture the life experiences and feelings of Black people in an archive will ensure that we are the writers of our history and that Black people to come will be able to accurately understand this period of significant change directly from the Black people who experienced it.

We are calling on all Black people of any age to submit a diary-style entry between the 8th June & 31st July. All entries will be recorded anonymously, meaning your name and any other identifiable information such as your social media handle or email address will not be recorded with your submission. You can submit your entry in written form or via a video, a voice note or a social media post. There is no age limit to participation in this project, we ask that parents encourage their children to write an entry and talk about their experiences over this time period. Click here to find out more on how to submit your entry.

Get Involved

Be part of shaping history for years to come by writing or recording a diary entry!

You can submit from 1 to 54 entries (1 for each day of the project)

Download our written template/coversheet for guidance

 or follow the below

You will need to include the following 

  • The Date

  • A brief written self description: your age/year of birth, where you live, your relationship status, your present job or occupation if you are working and any other information that you think is important to record.

  • Region & Country you are from

This permission statement

  • I give permission for The Black Voices Project to record and store my diary entry submission. I understand that my anonymous submission will be available for historical and research purposes. I understand I can withdraw my participation at any time now or in the future

Parent’s please also include this for your children under the age of 16 submitting an entry

  • I confirm that as the parent/guardian of this contributor that I give permission for my child’s submission to be held by The Black Voices Project.

Please DO NOT include your real name, contact details, or the personal details of the people mentioned in your diary. Please remember that these diaries will be read and used for historical and research purposes, so please don’t include anything that may identify you or others.


You may want include the following

The town or city you are originally from

The town or city you currently live in

Why you are participating in the project


Topics you may want to talk about


Daily life



What being Black means to you

Race Issues



Romantic Relationships


The country you live in/ are from


Financial Expeirences

How you feel right now

What you did today/ yesterday/ recently

Reflections on the past 5 years and thoughts for the next 5 years


The good days and the bad days

Home life & housing

Criminal Justice System, policing & prisons & your feelings/experiences


Lockdown Experience

Life & Death

how to submit

Submission accepted from 8th June-31st July


Written Entries

Written entries should be typed on a word document or hand written and scanned. The entries can then be emailed to Please note that your email address will not be recorded with your entry.

Video Entries

Video entries should be no longer than 4 minutes 30 seconds. They can be as creative as you wish but please note they should not include anything visually offensive and if you include your face in your video we are unable to anonymise your entry.

Voice note/Audio entries

Voice notes and audio files should be no longer than 7 minutes. Please do not state your real name or any identifiable information of you or others included in your entry. Please email your to

Social Media Entries

You can submit your entry via Facebook or Instagram by tagging us @TheBlackVoiceProject. Please ensure you include the permission statement at the end of your entry. Entries should be written in the caption area. Any pictures you use will be included as part of the entry, so please only include pictures you are happy for the project to hold. 

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